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vibration raising

what the heck is this? everything in the universe has its own form of ‘energy’ you will be familiar with this… unfortunately there is a great big huge dose of negativity in this world -that we come into contact with on a regular basis…. not… Read More »vibration raising

NZ First Light Essences

Essences…. what are these? How do they differ from herbs or other vibrational medicines? First off- essences are gathered from “clean” areas of NZ by First Light Team. They must be gathered by those of a high vibrational vibration…. permission is ‘sought’ from the plants… Read More »NZ First Light Essences

Becoming a Shaman

My journey to become a Shaman began in 2012. Training included receiving ancient teachings and signing into Franchelle Ofsoske’s state-of-the-art cyber school medicinewoman.com. Thinking about being a Shaman – can be described as : “hearing the call” I certainly did that!  There are certain elements… Read More »Becoming a Shaman