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NZ First Light Essences

Essences…. what are these? How do they differ from herbs or other vibrational medicines?

First off- essences are gathered from “clean” areas of NZ by First Light Team. They must be gathered by those of a high vibrational vibration…. permission is ‘sought’ from the plants before gathering them. Thanks are given and areas are left with residual plants to ensure they continue to grow in this area. This is a sacred process.

First Light (www.firstlightfloweressences.co.nz) produce a comprehensive range of 185 NZ native flower and plant essences for natural holistic wellbeing.There are 15 different ‘families of essences that focus on different aspects of life and wellbeing. They provide a powerful – yet gentle way to help you meet these challenges, relieve grief, trauma, pain so this is not carried through life.

FYI: This does take a certain commitment to the process…..but you will be amazed at the way you feel once shedding the “darkness” from within.

For example: someone who is struggling to find their life path, their destined career choice, they may feel unsettled, unmotivated and just not “into” what they do on a daily basis. First of all we need to feel “balance” many don’t understand what true balance (mind, body, soul, emotions) feels like! the stress of daily life – juggling tasks, feeling energetically depleted, this is common especially after the past 18 months of world challenges as everyone has been facing more recently. This time period has forced many of us to ‘go within’ to seek a better way of living, past traumas may have risen up to be faced again and grief, trauma, stress re-surfaces on a regular basis.

How I would work with you to begin: First of all, I would ask for your DOB – we are all uniquely governed by our astrological forces, so from this knowledge I produce an in depth report of your unique outline. You will understand what your keynote essence (or “power flower” ) is , followed by a specific tree, fern, plant and seed essence is to support your personality. (amazing eh!!)This actually brings up your positive and ‘shadow self’ traits (as a Shaman we learn about facing our shadows/past pain/trauma/fears). many of us ‘carry’ fears with us through life, sustained by the general dealings that life throws at us.

The Shamanic way is to face them head on, once we face them – we can accept, then release, and turn our life stories around – this does take time – but through a clearing process of particular blends – you will feel lighter and lighter.

Master Teacher Essences: (Shamanic range) By taking No 108 Tarata (Shamanic essence) The Spiritual Hero – we can reconfigure, re tell our stories, over come the odds, cleanse, heal and close psychic wounds. Tarata suffuses the being with restorative cleansing energies (especially after exposure to negative energies).

The dark night of the Soul – is a way of facing the darkness,

then coming back to the light.

facing inner pain- sheds a “light” on what lies beneath the surface

by burying our thoughts, pain, grief we place all of this in a temporary vice

grip.. in time this re-surfaces – showing up as an illness,

an internal pressure, a nagging memory, wound

by consciously choosing to face and release (through taking

specific NZ First Light essences) we learn to take charge

of ourselves. By choosing a Shaman to ‘hold sacred space’

we guide you through your process… so you can return

to YOUR true essence”



By “re-writing” our story (ie following up with an action – to firm in our minds that our ‘old stories’ have now changed we place – emphasis on the skills we have learned through facing our traumas and using them in a more positive way.