Holistic Healing – Treatments – Workshops – Retreats

Flower Essence Therapy

I offer therapies with beautiful flower essences from the NZ First Light Range

Aromatouch Treatments

Aromatouch essential oil treatments are an incredible way to enhance well-being and to re-balance.

Rahanni Healing

Lizzie is a practitioner and teacher of Rahanni 5D celestial healing.

Tropic products

I work with Tropic Skincare products. Book a facial with me or a pamper in the luxury of your home.

Hot Lava Shells

Generally used in combination with an Aromatouch technique – a wonderful way to experience a deep level of relaxation

Shamanic Workshops

Experience my series of 6 standalone shamanic workshops. Learn a variety of strategies for self care.


While taking essences or participating on a workshop/ day retreat – I encourage journalling.

Ceremonial Cacao

Beneficial for cardiovascular health, increased clarity, focus. Enhances the feeling of love and connection.

“feet on the earth
connect to your soul
look up to the sky
see the light
feel the freedom of new air
ignite your fire,

release your tears
allow mother earth to absorb your pain
know  you can  begin again”

Lizzie Nicolson
Master Shaman

Welcome and thank you for visiting

Hello, I’m Lizzie the owner and operator of Essenze Therapies. I am passionate about health and using natural plant products. I have just returned to New Zealand after living in the UK for the past 10 years, working in western medicine settings as a senior occupational therapist, running retreats, plant medicine workshops, and one to one healing sessions with people from all walks of life.

My career in health spans more than 22 years, and covers knowledge of rehabilitation, anxiety management, mindfulness, basic nutrition, aromatherapy, flower essence consultations, shamanic and relaxation treatment.

Your initial consultation is FREE – we will establish a therapy plan based on your needs. Therapy includes a variety of techniques, and you will occasionally have activities to complete, following our sessions.

I encourage you to journal while journeying with the essences. I offer a free check-in/review while you are taking your blends, which can be done via phone/text/email or in person.

I would be honoured to work with you!

Essenze Therapies is for:

  • Those who are in emotional pain – through grief, trauma, relationship breakdown, ‘feeling stuck in life’, wanting a new direction, or simply wanting to connect to your destined pathway.
  • Those who wish to experience relaxation or learn about the techniques I use in my workshop settings, small classes or on a 1:1 basis.
  • Those who realise there is more than the 3D dimension we generally operate in on a day to day basis, and wanting to understand their life from a deeper perspective.
  • My therapies and products are safe for children – older adults and all ages in between, to use.
  • Sometimes I may need to refer you on to a more appropriate service should the need arise.

Workshop attendance is a chance to deep dive into your world, gain insight and knowledge and experience guided meditation, creative work and shamanic practices.

… feeling much more balance and at peace within …

Lizzies products are of very high quality, and you can tell so much love and care are placed into them. She is so attentive in her guidance and always responds promptly to any questions or queries. I have been feeling much more balance and at peace within, since using her flower essences.

Jules - Paramedic - London UK

I have more belief in myself

Lizzie is very passionate and puts everything she has into her work and her essences and guidance are amazing! Treatments are unique and Lizzie provides a detailed explanation of the nature of the essences, how to use and what to expect from them. She is very responsive to any queries or in offering guidance for

Julie Mcintyre - Didcot, Oxford

My soul is strengthened by her care

Lizzie is a wonderful person, compassionate with a big heart. I always trust her to help me with her deep knowledge of flower essences and human nature. My soul is strengthened by her care. Thank you so much Lizzie for your loving support.

Montserrat Escoda - Barcelona

Lizzie is a careful listener

Lizzie is a careful listener – her wisdom and experience shine through her consultations and I have experienced great breakthroughs in my own journey, through taking NZ first light essences and her essential oil treatments

Kate Blakeley, Beaconsfield, UK

… a lovely growing customer base

As a colleague of Lizzie’s, I have watched her grow and develop her lovely Tropic business into something special. Attending events with her, pampers and watching her meet every milestone in the business has been amazing. She has a lovely growing customer base who regularly re-book pampers and follow up with regular TROPIC product orders.

Vicki Paice - Tropic Senior Manager St Albans, UK

… made great shifts on my healing journey

Lizzie and I have worked together running two retreats (France and the UK) we work similarly in our approach. I have been fortunate enough to experience many NZ First Light blends, TROPIC products, essential oils to date – and have made great shifts on my healing journey

Tracie Dsouza, Reiki Master, Therapist, Occupational therapist - Oxford

Can’t thank her enough for making me feel relaxed, and recharged at the same time

I have the most wonderful experience with Lizzie with her. The Aromatouch is heavenly – they take you to a different place. The after-care is spot on – taking a blend for the following days helps with re-settling any issues that arose in the treatment. Can’t thank her enough for making me feel relaxed, and

Vicki Paice - Tropics Senior Manager

Lizzie is a marvellous positive therapist

Lizzie is a marvellous positive therapist – working alongside her as a nurse in her OT capacity I was soon introduced to her First Light range of essences. I have used these wonderful essences many times. The ferns blend especially allowed me to release deep grief related to my mum.

Catherine Englefield - Senior nurse - Amersham hospital

… allowed me to let go of grief and life’s turmoil to an astounding degree

Lizzie’s work as a shaman, and using First Light Essences has assisted me to work through deep entrenched emotions which allowed me to let go of grief and life’s turmoil to an astounding degree.

Malina Horbury, London

I was grateful for the support Lizzie gave me at this time of my life

This below describes my time with Lizzie, being with me daily for a period of time when I experienced a complete “dark night of the soul” this unravelled over a few days – a necessary process which gave me incredible insights about my life, the choices I had made and I was grateful for the

Renate Mum entrepreneur Norfolk UK

it’s literally a miracle!

TROPIC Tamanu balam – in case your children have eczema, skin irritation, etc., give this little jar a try. I messaged Lizzie in the new year for some advice after steroid creams weren’t working – it’s literally a miracle!”

Kate Blakely - Beaconsfield, Bucks, UK

…transformed my skin back to its healthy, stress free complexion

I have just had the most amazing facial using TROPIC skincare – I have been using the products recommended by Lizzie and they have transformed my skin back to its healthy, stress free complexion. Lizzie certainly knows her products and ingredients and I would totally recommend her to everybody.

Vicky Paice, St Albans UK

… the best thing I have ever done

The retreat I went on this year was the best thing I have ever done. After taking Lizzie’s essences I can think things with control – for the first time in my life – its amazing! The retreat changed my life – I know it’s the start but I’m ready to do this – thank

Claremum - retreat attendee, Oxford

2023 Andrew Forrest

“I have had 3 sessions with Lizzie over the last few months, often during times of intense personal suffering and crises, and I have experienced very palpable transformations each time I receive a new flower essence.
Lizzie is a very experienced and mature healer.
She is deeply intuitive when addressing any shadow work,

Andrew Forrest