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vibration raising

what the heck is this?

everything in the universe has its own form of ‘energy’ you will be familiar with this…

unfortunately there is a great big huge dose of negativity in this world -that we come into contact with on a regular basis…. not so good.

news, conversations, gossip, climate change, tragedies, every day occurrences of mindlessness – all interfere with our energetic state or vibration.

… fortunately there are numerous ways we can raise our state regularly and in meaningful ways

  • use of flower essences – these are powerful masters of clearing, raising, strengthening, wisdom raising agents that interact beautifully with the waters within our bodies. Taking an essence is like going on a journey of the mind, soul, emotional and spiritual state!
  • dreams and visions sharpen – we understand more – but we still have to take ACTION!
  • essential oils – another way to calm, excite, clear our emotional state- find the purest ones you can find!
  • crystals – work on our vibration and all that they come in contact with – its important to keep them (like our bodies) in a pristine state for maximum benefit.
  • energy healing – so many options around – Rahanni healing I was drawn to – (well guided by my guides) and it is incredible for the newer energies flooding the planet (5 D)
  • nature: In its pure state – go for a walk, hug a tree, sense the energies there – and see how you feel afterwards!!
  • water- a powerful internal cleanser- raises our vibration by clearing out any toxins…