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Flower Essences – how they work

He tino Powhiri, he Mihi Mannaaki tenei,

Ki the manuuhiri tuarangi, the tiki I the Wairua o the Kotahitanga,

haeri mai, haeri mai, haeri mai

Nau Mai ki te kura te hapai i te waiora ki te nuku o te aorangim haere mai!

A special welcome of salutations and blessings to our distinguished guests, who uphold the Great Spirit of Oneness, welcome, welcome, thrice welcome.Enter the higher school of learning that uplifts the living waters of total wellbeing throughout all universes, all galaxies, welcome!

seeking out a NZ First Light Practitioner – you are working with a well trained, certified (and In my case diploma welding therapist!) I have studied since 2011 – continually updating my knowledge. To remain certified we undertake yearly training. For me I have been studying since 2011 – taking on all the wealth of knowledge First Light offers- it is ongoing.

I can promise you that if you stay committed to the journey then your life will transform. The idea of living a spiritual life in our human bodies- is to clear, cleanse, let go, release and shed all the unwanted emotional fallout our bodies gather from our very human experiences. Grief, pain, fear, anger, and all the toxic emotions we experience are designed on a level, to WAKE us up. If we don’t get this our bodies become entrenched with energetic debris (the human condition) and over time it becomes more ‘stuck’ like sludge in our circulation systems, lymphatics, cells, DNA and more chronically our organs.

Our job is to cleanse and clear. I would start with a NZ Ferns blend. Depending on what you are presenting with you may need 2-3 months (3 blends) to cleanse out unwanted emotional debris.

As we are 70% +water – the memories of the emotional experiences becomes stored in the waters – over time transferring to the cells.

A blend of ferns is taken with a mantra, – you connect to the plant essence

you take 2 – 4 drops under the tongue (ideally 3 times a day or 2 if you cannot manage this)

give thanks and stay conscious to the process.

Memories are released via dreams, via conversations that ‘trigger’ memories. Potentially most of our interactions can give us clues to enlighten what our bodies memories are trying ‘to tell us’.

When we remember, we can make meaning. When we make meaning we can understand and therefore let go of ‘what no longer serves us’. This must be followed up by action.

There are many, many ways these wonderful powerful teachers help us with our lives – you just need to commit, make the intention to follow through and stay conscious.

journalling should become our ‘new best friend’ while following this process.

Shamanic essences ‘step it up a notch’ so along the way you will experience a blend or two of these.