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Flower Essence blends

Hello and welcome!

I work with beautiful flower, seed, plant, tree, fern, shamanic and healer essences from the First Light essences of New Zealand ® range. From the initial consultation I will make a treatment plan with you – tailored to your specific needs. We will explore the emotional charges‘ that need to be released. Very often this is more powerful combined with a healing treatment – using my coaching technique, essential oils, Rahanni healing or through specific meditations. On occasion I will give you ‘homework’ activities designed to deepen your experience.

Taking the first step towards your healing journey is a brave and most rewarding journey.

  • Decide what you want in your life
  • set that intention – and practice this daily
  • choose your ‘end result’ – that is creating the life that you LOVE
  • 1:1 or workshop sessions will help you focus in on how you can create a different perspective in your life.

I would be honoured to be your guide, to share my wisdom and offer support for your inner work.

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